Subtitles on your presentation deck

We want to make it a fun event for both the Japanese audience and those visiting Japan from overseas. Please leave a room on the bottom of each slide so we can put subtitles in your sides. The ScalaMatsuri staff will provide the translation.

How to put “subtitles”

Like the above sample decks, please create a black text box to fit 2 lines in 36px font (27pt on Windows, 36pt on Mac) at the bottom each slides.

Submit your slides

Please submit your slide decks by deadline.
ScalaMatsuri staff will provide the translation, and also check for Code of Conduct compliance. Since the translation will be done based on text, if you could please submit a text file with all the texts along with your slide deck, it would be most appreciated (like a lot)! The slide deck will also be submitted to the interpreters. If you send it as PowerPoint, Google slide show, or Keynote format, we put/fix “subtitles” directly. Otherwise, we send you a translated/fixed text file, so you put/fix by yourself. It's fine to choose 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio.
If you have any changes by then, feel free to submit the new deck along with the change description such as “changed the text on page 3.” Any changes after February 10th will be at your own risk.

Your slides of the day

Please bring your laptop with your slide data. You can connect your laptop by HDMI or analog VGA.If you’re MACer, please bring a conversion connector. If you can’t bring your laptop, we’ll prepare.Please contact us.